Start a blog today

Start a blog today

Blogging   is a very good way to express yourself in the internet. In old days there used to be personal diaries where people write down there personal notes and stories on it. The time and technology has changed and the way of maintaining diaries turned into digital notes like blogging. So, If you want to have some blogs and start today this article is for you.

To start a Blog today you need : 

1. Free Blogging platform :

There are plenty of Free Websites which provide you free space to start a blog. I started the blog few years ago. I didn’t have much idea back then but as I was interested to write and share I came a long till here. I would recommend you to use WordPress ( ). WordPress is easy to install and easy to use. There is Google’s Blogger called Blogspot ( ) where you can start a blog too. Creating a blog on blogspot can make money too with by Googld Adsense. There are many other free blogs also but why I share you only these website have a reason. On other blogs you only write in it , use their system , use their services but blogging in Free wordpress can give you idea to maintain Professional website later like , and like Did you got me ? Yes you can design a beautiful websites with wordpress later if you mater free blogging. If you need any help on installation on blogs and any idea just let me know.


Hosted means you have to pay by using the services. You need Domain name for your blog like , webmalaya is 1st name of website and .com means commercial. There are .com , .org , .edu , .net domain list but mostly .com is used everywhere.

To start paying and creating a blog :

a. Select your domain name ( ) on namecheap which can provide you domain name in less money than other.

b. Get a hosting company to host your domain or blog. you can use ( )which is cheaper than other hosting company. It also have some plans if you are creating your blogs with wordpress.

c. Install wordpress on your new blog and start writing. You need to study more about how to do these all if you are new to blogging and websites. You need to know what are domain names , what are hosting , how to install and so on.

To have a paid hosting and domain need a payment gateway to the service provider company like paypal or payoneer. Not everyone have these online payment account to pay for the services. If this is a problem for you then We have a company called Webmalaya Tech Solutuion ( ) to set up your blog. We have a team to design and develop websites as your requirement.

If you need any kinds of ideas and help regarding blogs tips and tricks , how to set up , how to start with zero level just contact me. I would guide you in proper way no matter where you are. Comment and Share your views. Thank you!

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