Tour to Muktinath

Tour to Muktinath


 VISITED PLACES : Beni , Jaleshowr Mahadev Temple , Tatopani  , Ghasa , Mustang – Marpha – Jomsom -Kagbeni – Muktinath , Pokhara – Fewa Lake , Gupteshor mahadev – Devis Fall – Taal Barahi , Lake side , Baglung – Kalika Temple , Malekhu , Trishuli River bank.

DAYS : 4 Night 5 Days.

COST : 11k ( with Travel Agency)

INCLUDED : Transport , Food , Accommodation

EXCLUDED : Extra food and Drinks

TOTAL PEOPLE : 28 Person

Day 1

Woke up at 5 ‘O’ Clock and make a way to Travel agency with 4 four friends. They provide us Tea and some snacks. Reaching Trisuli River around Malekhu Travel person provide lunch. We got busy in taking picture around trisuli river.

@ the river bank of trisuli
@ Beni Buspark

Bus started at 7 am and travel through thankot , Mugli , tanahu , Parbat , Pokhara and reached day 1 destination Beni at 9 p.m. We went to our room and had dinner. Get to bed early because we were tired in bus journey.

Day 2

We headed from Beni Buspark to our another destination Jomsom , Mustang. On the way we visited 3 places i.e Jaleshowr mahadev temple (Myagdi) , Tatopani Spring Water and Ghasa Buspark. We worshiped god shiva in hindu temple Jaleshwor mahadev. Few passenger of our bus bath at Tatopani Spring water. But I didn’t took bath as I was not interested. We reached Ghasa and took our lunch.

With my friend Laxu in Jalwshowr mahadev temple.
With my friend Laxu in Jalwshowr mahadev temple.
@ Tatopani Spring Water
@ Tatopani Spring Water

We passes through some rocky roads to Jomsom , saw many horses , Rocky mountains and snowny mountain makes us surprises. Finally We reached Jomsom at 4 p.m and entered in our lodge for rest. We took some rest and place our bags in lodge and went our Jomsom Market to take some pictures. We reached some height and took some beautiful pictures. One Local girl told me that there was big hotel at top but it was damaged by earthquake.

@Jomsom (Background it’s Mount Nilgiri and Jomsom Airport
Road of Jomsom Mustang
Road of Jomsom Mustang

We walked for an hour and reached back to our lodge to take dinner. We enjoyed playing cards and had good sleep for that day.

Day 3

At day 3 three we headed for our Final destination i.e Muktinath Temple. We again changed our bus from jomsom Mustang and headed for Muktinath. We passes through Kagbeni , Ekle Bhatte , Ranipauwa , Jharkot and Muktinat. We took some pictures at famous place Kagbeni and worship there in river.

@ Kagbeni (wooden bridge)
@ Kagbeni (wooden bridge)
the roads to Muktinath temple from Jomsom.
The roads to Muktinath temple from Jomsom.

For driving and hour We reached Muktinath Buspark. To reach the Main temple Muktinath there is choice to go by foot or take horse. Be very careful is someone have lungs , heart , breathing problem because as you high you will feel high altitude problem. It is in the height of 3710 meters so you make get some trouble. Due to lack of oxygen we may be victims of : 

Lack of appetite, nausea, or vomiting
> Fatigue or weakness
> Dizziness or light headedness
> Peripheral edema (swelling of hands, feet, and face)
> Insomnia
> Pins and needles
> Shortness of breath upon exertion
> Nosebleed
> Persistent rapid pulse
> Drowsiness
> Excessive flatulation
> General malaise

Always chew something while you to up. Take something in your mouth so that it makes easy to breathe. It takes around 25 minutes to reach in Main temple from Muktinath Buspark or station. You can ride a horse paying NPR. 300 or walk up for 25 minutes. If you have problem on walking and breathing , you can enjoy horse riding. 🙂

road to main temple - muktinath
road to main temple – muktinath
108 Dhara ( Tap where very cold water flows direct from mountai)
108 Dhara ( Tap where very cold water flows direct from mountain)
two ponds infront of temple. Don't go inside the pond if you have cold problems.
Two ponds infront of temple. Don’t go inside the pond if you have cold problems.
while returning back from temple , love the mountain.
while returning back from temple , love the mountain.

The main purpose of tour to worship Muktinath Temple just finished. We returned back to Jomsom and packed our bags to go Beni for night stay. At evening we reached in Hotel.

Day 4

After having tea and snacks we headed to Pokhara City. We Visited Baglung Kalika Mandir , Bindabasni Temple , Fewa Lake , Devis Fall , Gupteswor Cave , Bahari Temple. These all are tourist attraction places in Pokhara so if you been there don’t forget to visit.


At the last night We had a nice party with all the member. We danced , sung and ate good food and enjoyed. We returned for Kathmandu on Day 5. Overall the Trip was best.



  • Jasmine

    August 24, 2016 at 1:07 pm Reply

    Such a wonderful place. Have been their with my brothers four years back by motorbike. A must go place in Nepal!!
    Thanks for beautiful pictures 🙂

    • santoshempire

      December 28, 2016 at 11:31 am Reply

      Thank you Jasmine for you comment. Yeah It’s best when we travel in motorbike..

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