Visit to Darjeeling, Illam, Janakpur, Dharan and Eastern part of Nepal

Visit to Darjeeling, Illam, Janakpur, Dharan and Eastern part of Nepal

Each year we used to visit new places with friends and this time we planned to visit eastern part of Nepal upto Darjeeling (India). The trip was awesome than last year in this new place. We had enjoyed fully while we were on tour. As new place is always fun to travel. We were 2 person (Me and Nirdesh)  to start the tour from Kathmandu to Rauthat ( To Dipesh’s home). From Rautahat Dipesh and Amrit joined and headed to Illam and again 2 person Joined (Roshan and his wife Sabina). We Six Visited to Darjeeling and Illam Together. Again in Urlabari 3 person joined (Sapana and his friends) and we visited Dharan. Some Short information about tour :

Total Person : 9 (Joined separately)
Total Cost per person : 12K-20K
Visited Places : Rauthat-Janakpur-Damak-Illam Kanyam-Darjeeling-Urlabari-Dharan-Ithahari
Days : 5 Night 6 Days
Best Part : I had a visit list to Janakpur , Dharan , Darjeeling and Illam and this tour covered all so I enjoyed a lot. The Parks and Zoo of Darjeeling where Many stuffs related to Nepal are kept. Janaki Temple, Dharan Buddha Subba Temple, Illam Tea Garden are the best. Yeah we slept on Truck on night While Travelling to Janakpur to Itahari.

Let’s write little more about the tour. This will be interesting to read after many years for me and my friends.

Day 1  ( 20th October 2018 )

Dashain Tika was on 19th October and just 2nd day of Dashain Tika We planned to travel for trip. I went to put Tika in Kumarigal and Bishalnagar with my elders and around 12 pm I came back home to backpack. I reached bus station after that and met with Nirdesh who just came from Sindhupalchok to go with me. It was hard to get ticket to travel in Rautahat Chapur. Finally we leave Kathmandu around 4 pm. After 6 hours of travel we reached Chapur Chowk and met with Dipesh and Amrit who were waiting for us in Motorbike. From there we went to Dipesh’s home and had talks with some people and Dipesh’s families. Also We played cards with friends that night.

Day 2 ( 21 October 2018 )

Woke up late and roamed around and walked 30 minutes to bath in village pond. I didn’t bath because I was not feeling well. My other friends enjoyed in that pond. Back to home and got ready to travel to Damak from Chapur. After lunch we had good bye to Dipesh’s family and all and went to Chapur Chowk for Bus. We waited for hour but didn’t got any bus to Damak so we changed our plan and headed to Janakpur from there in bus. I always wish to visit Janakpur (Janaki Temple) and this unplanned trip brought me to this place. We taste the local fruits and local street food there which as great. After Visit to Janaki temple we headed to Janakpur Bus Station for Damak. As it was time of Dashain Festival we couldn’t get any bus to Damak. So we decided other plans and went to Dhalkeshwor to pick bus from there but still we didn’t get bus for 4 hours. We had dinner and waited for bus or Truck till 10 pm at night and finally we get truck where there was only single driver. I had already traveled in Bus Before in other tour so it was fun and easy than bus to travel in loaded truck. we had funny talks and songs of our choice in bus. Also we crossed Koshi Bridge which is 1150 Meters Lenght. It’s great to see the Koshi Bridge which I used to see in TV and News.

Chapur Chowk
Dipesh’s Home
self click
village pond in rauthat
fruits outside janaki temple janakpur
team janakpur
click click
reached Itahari in morning

Day 3 (22 October 2018 )

Reached Itahari at 7 am and took a bus to Damak to Join Roshan and his wife Sabina. We reached damak and as everyone was tired and hungry we booked a lodge and ordered lunch. We all took shower and get refreshed. Had dinner and our friend roshan joined with us. We were 6 people now. Again we took a bus to Birtamod buspark and from there we headed to Illam in Bolera Jeep. We reached Illam at 4.30 pm and booked a hotel. As all finished refreshed and snacks we went to kanyam tea garden and fikal chowk to walk around. Took Beautiful pictures and Back to Fikal chowk in hotel to have dinner and sleep.

Illam tea garden

Day 4 (23rd October 2018 )

Had Morning Snacks and headed to Darjeeling at 7 am. We reached Nepal India Checkpoint around 8.30 am and the driver of Jeep was young like us and cool. We paid him for Jeep and he also guided us to Darjeeling main places to visit. First we went to Darjeeling Zoo and museum, Mahakal Mandir, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Chaurasta, Batasia Loop Hills, and Parks. It was great to travel around Darjeeling roads. We did Shopping and had lunch also. Check out videos in my Youtube about this places too. After Darjeeling we headed to Illam Fikal and reached at 5 pm. Again we headed to Birtamod bus station. Again took bus to Urlabari to meet Dipesh’s Friend Sapana. As we reached urlabari we booked a hotel. Sapana had invited us to have dinner in her uncle’s home so we headed there. we had nice dinner and good hospitality by sapana and her families. we had nice talks also. From there we went back to hotel and time for bed.

amrit and dipesh
me and nirdesh
amrit sabina dipesh roshan
chaurasta darjeeling
fun time
infront of zoo map
Tiger behind me

Day 5  (24th October 2018 )

This was the final day of our tour. On this day Roshan and his wife sabina stayed in hotel to return in kathmandu. But there were 4 other person joined us,  Sapana , Suzana and sumitra I guess and her son. We leave for Dharan from Urlabari. Reached Dharan and went to Buddha Subbha Temple and had lunch there. Also walked around Dharan Clock tower and Buspark. Took Pictures and had fun. and the last place we went is Itahari Gokarna Resort Park. It was newly opened park in Itahari for refreshment for kids and all age of people. Also check videos in my Youtube about this.  After hanging in park we were about to finish our tour and return back to itahari chowk for Bus to Kathmandu. Sapana and his friends leave to their home from Itahari. Amirt also left from Itahari to Hetauda to his parents. Dipesh, Nirdesh and Me took a Bus to Kathmandu. We reached Kathmandu Balaju park park around 9 am. It was a fantastic tour this time 🙂

birtamod jhapa
Dharan Budasubba
Dharan Clock Tower
Smile plz. sujana and dipesh with me
budasubba special place

If you ever go to this places again here is the normal rate of Expenses. It’s of October 2018 rates and may be changed.

Room / Lodge cost in Illam = Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3500
Mini Van cost in Illam = Rs. 50 per person ( minimum is Rs. 50) and you wont get any other vehicles like in Kathmandu.
Vehicle in Damak, Janakpur, Itahari, Dharan = Rs. 30 – Rs. 50 per person ( they called Magic , 4 / 7 people can travel at one time
Food cost in Damak , Janakpur, Itahari, Dharan = Rs. 250 per chicken plate
Food cost in Darjeeling = Rs.
Transport cost in Darjeeling = Rs. 50 per person

Okay this much for now. will update later if something has been missed. Catch you later new post.


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